Saturday, October 25, 2014

19 of the best Halloween Food Costumes on the Internet

Halloween Food Costume Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, the logical thing for me to do while I should have been working was to source the best food costume ideas for Halloween on the internet. Although not as popular in Australia as overseas, there are still plenty of events held in celebration of Halloween Down Under, plus it's a fun activity that's guaranteed to get the kids away from those computer screens (and perhaps on track to being diagnosed with Diabetes, but hey, you can't win them all). Most of these food costumes are DIY, too. Without further ado, below is a list of Halloween food costumes to rival the best out there.

1. The Sushi Couple

Source: Mayuk Radzis

2. Clean Eaters' Choice, Quinoa Super Woman

Source: The Kitchn

3. Brunch Baby

Source: Pinterest

4. The Bacon Suit. Also ideal for Spring Racing Carnival.

Source: John Reiber

5. Finger Lickin' Fried Chicken

Source: Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons

6. A Night at the Movies, Popcorn Costume

Source: Costume Pop

7. DIY Taco 

Source: flickr

8. Stoners Best Friend: Foil-Wrapped Burrito

Source: Pinterest

9. Easy DIY Doughnut Costume

Source: Studio DIY

10. Contender for the BEST food-related Halloween costume - The Croquembouche

Source: Studio DIY

11. The French Macaron, Darling

Source: Studio DIY

12. Human Strawberry. NOTE: for pineapple, wear yellow.

Source: Studio DIY

13. Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume

Souce: Bored Panda

14. 'Cereal Killer' Costume

Source: Huffington Post

15. Hotdog Vendor, complete with 'hotdog'

Source: The Guardian  

16. A Bunch of Grapes Costume (AKA Grapes of Wrath)

Source: eHow

17. To continue the grape theme, here's a Goon Box costume.

Source: Instructables

18. A Lone Mini-Wheat

Source: PopSugar

19. Teabag Costume

Source: flickr


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