Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Video Blog 02: Meatmother

Meatmother, Richmond
Can you handle the Meat? 


The name pretty much says it all. 

If you want to know more, have a look at my silly face on the above video blog.


Meatmother on Urbanspoon


Every place I video blog is rated out of 30 using the ‘E.A.T’ method (10 points for each category).

E is for Edibles. 
This includes food and drink, but is weighted more heavily towards food. Brilliant beans, creative cocktails and wonderful wine lists will always score points.

A is for Ambience. 
An eatery’s personality, individuality and charisma. Tunes and comfort fit in here. Think of it as the ‘vibe’ of a place.

T is for Team. 
Team refers to the staff as a whole. It’s not just about your friendly waiter or that arrogant bartender; it’s about the way staff cooperate and interact to make you feel at ease.


25-30:  Why are you still here and not there?

19-24:  Worth a special trip

13-18:  If you’re nearby

  7-12:  ‘Meh’

    0-6:  I practically took a bullet for you

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