Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Farmgate Cheese with AgendaSelects

AgendaSelects sends the goods

Disclaimer: I worked for Agenda at the time of this post.

Having worked for Agenda for some time now, I’m pretty confident in telling you that they like nice things. They’ve been working on how to get these nice things to their readers—like you—and recently they found a way. It’s called AgendaSelects, and it’s the perfect excuse to be lazy and stuff your face. 

Basically, you sign up to a subscription of a nice thing (such as tea, macarons, cupcakes etc.), and it gets delivered to your door, office, mistress—whatever. Sometimes deliveries are weekly, other times they’re monthly. All you do is plug in your details online

When I was asked if I would mind writing a blog post to spread the word about AgendaSelects, I thought, ‘no problem’. Then when I was told there would be a subscription of Farmgate Cheese for me to sample (you know, so I could really understand what AgendaSelects was all about), I thought, ‘hells yeah’. 

And so in no time at all, I received a very enticing package in the mail. I can’t remember the last time I received a parcel, let alone one so large. I held it at knife point, stabbed, twisted and ripped, until a Styrofoam box was revealed. 

Inside, four chunks of Farmgate Cheese smiled up at me: a wedge of gruyere from Switzerland; soft Crémeux D'Argental from the Rhone Alps in France (mild and not to be confused with brie); a crumbly Meredith goat’s chevre speckled with fresh dill from Victoria; and my favourite, Fourme D’Ambert from Normandy in France, a hearty blue that demanded to be paired with a full-bodied red.

Thankfully, a packet of crispbread crackers were provided so I could get stuck in straight away. The Pinot Noir jelly, a welcomed alternative to quince paste, was a match made in cheesy heaven with the Crémeux D'Argental. 

I love the idea of a monthly delivery of cheese. I know I adore cheese, but I rarely venture outside my comfort zone when it comes to buying it. A Farmgate Cheese subscription is a great way to discover new varieties of cheese, and would also make for a fantastic gift. It also ensures that you’re never caught out if you get invited to a lunch or dinner party, assuming you don’t eat it all in the first few days like I did. But wait, is there such thing as too much cheese? Absolutely not.

Disclaimer: In case it miraculously slipped by you, I write for AgendaCity and my cheese was complimentary. Irrespective of this, it was delicious. I mean, it's cheese, how bad could it have been?


  1. Cheese is super awesome. Complimentary cheese, is even better!

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