Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 tips for dining with a food blogger

10 survival tips for dining with a food blogger 

Thankfully, Greg played by the rules and thoroughly enjoyed himself. 

Food bloggers are a funny breed. We are easily excited by the edible, often have sore shoulders from dragging around a ridiculous camera and are constantly attached to our iPhones. Eating out just isn’t as enjoyable when you’re alone, and chances are that one of these days, you’re going to find yourself dining with a food blogger. Use the following 10 tips to get the most out of the experience: 

Rule number 1: Don’t mess with us when we’re hungry
If you suffer from ‘hangriness’ (a form of anger that is only curable by eating), you might be able to empathise with this rule. But if you’re a food blogger, hangriness is experienced at a much greater intensity than your average person. It is strongly suggested that if you are dining with a food blogger and can sense their aggressive hunger, keep your head down and engage in as little conversation as possible until they have food in front of them. 

Rule number 2: Let us choose the restaurant, and where to sit
It may not matter much to you, but it matters to us. If you let us choose the restaurant, chances are you will eat somewhere new and exciting. Similarly, it makes little difference to you where you sit; so let the professionals decide which table best suits our camera lighting needs. Note: Be aware that if a food blogger tells you to take the reigns and pick an eatery, don’t argue – sometimes bloggers just want a night off… or takeaway on the couch. 

Rule number 3: Don’t order the same thing as us
This is terrible for two reasons: ordering the same meal means there is less food to taste AND fewer dishes to photograph. A cheeky tip: if you are really set on the same menu item as your blogger buddy, there is a high chance that they will surrender their first choice and order something different if you stick it out. 

Rule number 4: Don’t touch your food until we say so
Nothing upsets a food blogger more than a photo of food with big, ugly bite out of it. 

Rule number 5: Let us eat your food
This relates to rule number 3. Some food bloggers will lean over and grab a forkful before you can shout ‘quit stealing my quinoa’, while others will subtly offer you a taste of their meal, which translates roughly to ‘give me your food, or else’. 

Rule number 6: Don’t wince at the wait staff while we take photos
Awkward smiles, mouthed apologies and eye-rolling while onlookers observe the food blogging magic are absolutely unacceptable. We don’t roll our eyes when you sketch/read/cook/play sport/watch television etc. 

Rule number 7: Let us rearrange the food on your plate
It’s called food styling darling, deal with it. 

Rule number 8: Don’t tell us you’re ‘too full’ for dessert
We will order it regardless of our current stomach capacity, for research, of course. 

Rule number 9: Understand that using Twitter and Instagram is not the same as having your phone at the table
It’s part of the gig, and it doesn’t mean you can whip your phone out at any time. If you want to use your phone, coordinate it so you do so at the same time as us. Important calls such as family emergencies are the only exception. 

Rule number 10: Take it as a learning experience
Sure, dining with a food blogger can be scary, especially if they’re one of many wankers who take themselves too seriously. At the end of the day, it’s a passion, and you’re reaping the benefits. You will try new places, learn things about food you never knew before, meet new people and enjoy some of the best meals you’ve eaten. Most importantly, anyone who adores food – regardless of whether you are a blogger or not – knows that there is nothing better than sharing a meal with another food lover.

Feel free to add your own rules below!


  1. I'm a food blogger, and this article made me not want to share a meal with food bloggers. Don't use "I'm a food blogger" as an excuse to be an ass.

    1. Yeesh, was only having a laugh, apologies if our senses of humour aren't aligned.

      Don't use "anonymous" as an excuse to have a go.

    2. Someone is taking themselves waaaaayyyy too seriously. Loved it Poppet.

    3. I agree - get over yourself anonymous! We need to laugh at ourselves - because we take ourselves too seriously sometimes!! Ooh la la!! Sofia - I LOVED IT and literally LOL'd!! Then had to read it to my hubby - because he always has to put up with me!! Especially Rule #8 - I love research! Ciao, Helen.

  2. BOOM!

    Love the post darling. X

    Spot on response to Anonymous.

    1. Cheers Lady of Noms!

      For the love of food, eh?! x

  3. Hilarious!!
    I can think of one more - Act as a willing light bearer (flashlight from phone) in times of darkness

    1. That's an awesome one Catherine!

      I know someone who isn't a blogger but hangs out with them so much he carries around a mini torch, what a darling!

    2. Haha that's so sweet, my friends just flash their cameras while I'm trying to take a photo - no good!

  4. Love the post! Tell me who ths person is. Automatically in good books. Hahaha

  5. Haha! There's the other side to point 1 though... the dining partner getting hangry as the food blogger persists in the quest for the perfect photo!

    1. Too true leaf. Shouting, "C'MON!" across the restaurant is not uncommon! Haha.

  6. I found this quite funny because some of the things you mentioned in the post are quite true. Some of my friends call me a tourist because of it and I get asked by staff sometimes if I'm new to the country haha