Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Melbourne's Top 5 Desserts


I’ve always had a sweet tooth. In fact, I have a whole mouth full of sweet teeth. Inspired by Sharking for Chips and Drinks brilliant post on Melbourne’s Top 5 Dishes of 2011, I’ve decided to compile what I believe are Melbourne’s best desserts. Hand selected from both fine dining and casual eateries, these desserts vary in cuisine, flavour and levels of creativity. Without any further ado, may I introduce to you Melbourne’s Top 5 Desserts of the Year, in descending order:

5. 'Supersized Love' at LuxBite: 
The name of this dessert instantly appealed to my 18-year-old brother… or maybe he ordered it because it was the biggest, most chocolatey choice. I can tease all I want, but I had serious food envy after trying it. The description on the label in the enticing cabinet simply read, "Tastes almost like the golden ball" and is a reference to Ferrero Rocher chocolates. While it looks like a giant chocolate macaron with a rich chocolate filling (which LuxBite also do oh-so-well), this creation revealed something else entirely when cut. Be prepared for an oozing hazelnut filling surrounded by a fudgy chocolate gânache. You can practically feel it clogging your arteries.

LuxBite on Urbanspoon

4. Stick ice creams at Burch & Purchese: 
We sampled two varieties when we visited this Aladdin’s cave of sweets. Biting through the chocolate shell of the first revealed a smooth raspberry ice cream filling. But the highlight was definitely the freeze dried raspberry powder and popping candy on the outside. My personal favourite was the '647', named after the shop street number. It starred a vanilla ice cream centre peppered with specks of vanilla bean and was coated with caramelised white chocolate. Sprinkled with roasted macadamia nuts, I could have eaten the entire supply. I’m still keen to try the spicy roast pumpkin and butterscotch popcorn ice cream.

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio on Urbanspoon

3. Green Tea Mousse at Kappaya: 
Desserts here are consistently delicious, but this one was my favourite. It had the consistency of fluffy cheesecake and arrived with honey biscuit shards and sultanas on top. Drizzled with a green tea reduction and served on a blue-grey Japanese plate, it was truly a work of art.

Kappaya on Urbanspoon

2. Peanut butter parfait, salted caramel and soft chocolate at Golden Fields:
If you have spoken to anyone who has dined at Golden Fields, you will know that this dessert always seems to be the favourite. Served in a smooth black bowl, the flavour of the dainty cube of peanut butter parfait was not too overpowering. Salted caramel sauce draped over the edges of the parfait, punctuated with roasted, crushed peanuts. The mixture collected in a decadent pool at the bottom of the bowl and a quenelle of rich chocolate mousse crowned the heavenly dessert.

Golden Fields on Urbanspoon


1. Sour cream, pumpkin and salted caramel at The Estelle:
While it may not be as pretty as other desserts, this one gets extra points for the genius combination of flavours. It was this creativity that ultimately took it to first place in Melbourne's Top 5 Desserts. The body of the dish was a light vanilla and olive oil sponge, topped with a scoop of crème fresh ice cream. Pumpkin seeds provided crunch and a mix of spices added sweet, sour and bitter notes. Worms of salted caramel wriggled around the other ingredients and nearly resulted in plate licking. An interesting mix that was undeniably harmonious.

The Estelle on Urbanspoon

Special Mention: 
Birdman Eating's honeycomb (first pictured) gets a special mention. Covered in dark, couverture chocolate, it had an airy, melt-in-the-mouth consistency. You can actually feel the honey oozing out as it dissolves on the tongue. At $3 a pop, it's a cheap, sweet treat. Perfect with a coffee.

What are your favourite desserts in Melbourne? I need to keep my sweet teeth occupied, so please share your secrets!

*Please note the above desserts were all available at the time this was posted. 


  1. Cute list! With the exception of Kappaya, we have been to each place you listed above. We would agree that Luxbite's cakes in general are awesome (we have a long-waited blog post in line to publish soon), though we would disagree with your choice of B&P's and Golden Field's desserts. B&P's cakes and preserves are in our opinion better...and Golden Field's peanut butter dessert isn't the best peanut-butter parfait we have had. We prefer the more unique lychee rosewater meringue. We never quite connected with Estelle's offerings, but that is of course our subjective opinion. Last year, we published our favourite desserts from restaurants/specialty sweet shops that opened in that year. The URL is below if you would like to take a look. :)

    1. Hi Momo/Coco!

      What a pleasure it is to have the dessert pros adding some insight!

      You should definitely check out Kappaya, their presentation and Japanese flavours are beautiful. Looking forward to your B&P post, I adore their chocolate, salted caramel and mandarin cake! I loved the ice creams at B&P because of their old-school, homemade style. As for Golden Fields, I know the meringue dessert you speak of, we ordered it when we visited. It was very unique, however I'm afraid I have a bias towards chocolate! Shh, don't tell anyone ; )

      I had a look at your 2011 wrap up and all I have to say is this: SALTED TOFFEE CHEESECAKE! I need to visit Noir just for that! I'd also never heard of the whoopee pie outlet. Will definitely buy some in place of macarons next time I'm invited somewhere for dinner.

      Keep feeding those sweet teeth!

  2. Replies
    1. And if we eat too much of it, I suppose we can always come and see you ; ) !

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