Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Rhyming Review: Sanctuary in the CBD

Sparrow’s Nest

Address: 95 Queen Street Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

Phone: (03) 8637 2177

Open: Weekdays 7am until 4pm

Somewhere on Queen between Collins and Bourke,
There’s a café where you can escape from your work.
Tucked away in a lobby, 'cross from ANZ bank,
Once you try coffee here, recall whom to thank!

It’s kitsch and its cosy, delicious and bright,
The girls are efficient but always polite.
With a focus on fresh food, organic and tasty,
Choose to sit down or take-out if you’re hasty.


The Moroccan wrap is a fine choice for lunch,
Or perhaps on the Gruyere croissant you will munch.
Taste the red lentil soup; you’ll enjoy every drop,
For a tart and a coffee, it’s six dollars a pop!

We enjoyed it so much I returned two days later,
This time for breakfast, for which they do cater.
Sip Genovese coffee in no need of sweetening,
And remind yourself that the fake birds are not tweeting!

It came served with strawberries and yoghurt so creamy,
Freshly grated apple and almonds so dreamy,
Big chunks of apricot, raisins and dates,
I devoured the best Bircher tasted of late.

You can kick-start your weekday or end with a treat,
With breakfast til midday and many a sweet.
Join a communal table and meet someone new,
Or snag the raised bench with a city-street view.


Dine on fruit bread from Dench and cakes too-good-to-eat,
Lick the quaint china plates until you feel replete.
When you’ve finished your meal, leave a tip do not pause,
Each month extra money goes to a good cause.

They have copper birdcages and powder blue stools,
‘Serene in the city,’ it breaks all the rules.
With tea cups as lights and flowers abundant,
The Sparrow’s Nest leaves nearby cafés redundant.



Take a time out and watch the world go by,
Catch up on the papers, as time’s sure to fly.
Keep an eye on your watch and don’t get too slack,
Because sooner or later, you’ll have to go back!


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