Friday, June 24, 2011

Dinner, by Mother Poppet.

Friday Night Food

Address: My Place

Phone: is never answered

Open: most Friday evenings, 6pm until 10pm

The preparations...

 The little brother... blowing out the candles, caught red-handed.

"Awww, you didn't put me on the Internet, ANYTHING but the Internet," said Max, which is ironic for a ten-year-old who spends half his waking hours playing Mine Craft and watching YouTube.

The Moscato... a pink refreshing wine with sweet hints of musk, roses and berries. It tastes more like Deep Spring fizzy drinks than an alcoholic beverage (probably due to the low alcohol content).

The starter... deep fried soft-shell crab with lemon, served on a bed of leafy green salad.

The main... pink poached salmon with a sweet soy honey glaze, served with crunchy red rice and bok choy.

The dessert... self-saucing passionfruit pudding with passionfruit syrup, served with vanilla ice cream.  Although half way through the soft-shell crab Mother jumped out of her seat and raced to the oven, screaming "shit, shit, shit!" and claiming the pudding was cooked for at least twice as long as it should have been, it was delicious!

                                    Recipe credit: Epicure, 21st July, 2011

The catch... very few readers have been invited to Friday Night Dinner. 

Maybe one day you will get lucky.

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