Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brunch with Poppet at...

Piano Piano

Address: 126c Nicholson St, East Brunswick

Open: Mon – Sat 7am – 3pm


Due to a trademarked food company going international, much loved ‘Va Piano’ has re-emerged as ‘Piano Piano,’ Italian for ‘slowly, slowly.’

And this is exactly how one feels when visiting this small café, whether in the middle of the day or during the peak breakfast rush.

Owner Josh Napolitano stands smiling behind the espresso machine delighted to banter with hungry patrons over brunch, and ensure one does not feel the hectic rush of the nearby city.

Nestled close to the corner of Nicholson and Blyth Streets in budding Brunswick, Piano Piano’s humble décor lend it a comfortable atmosphere with a focus on feed and coffee.

Although small, the wooden cube stools out the front act as a good locator. Matching seats and a wooden counter area are found inside.

The lighting is dim but the place is far from bland, with colourful novelty objects scattering vibrancy around the room and along the walls.

A small, red vintage black and white television takes pride of place, sitting up high for all to see, with the display cabinet lined with cookie jars and the fridge filled with sweet delights such as organic muffins, brownies and muesli slice pastries, alongside meatball wraps and bacon and egg rolls.

The menu is home cooking meets gourmet and includes everything from jaffles with canned spaghetti or Persian fetta to mushrooms filled with tomato and basil, topped with fetta, grilled, and served on sourdough toast with rocket.

You can even have ‘Brittney’s Eggs,’ Brazil nut pesto and spinach baked eggs with pecorino-baked crust, served on sourdough with prosciutto wrapped asparagus (i.e. Britney)‘spears’.

If the whole thing sounds a bit too adventurous there are also simple melts, eggs on toast and a choice of extras.

For anyone seeking something lighter, Piano Piano’s bircher muesli is made on site with a flavour fest of cinnamon, pear, dates, and coconut and comes topped with yoghurt and fresh strawberries.

Whilst not as dense and filling as traditional bircher dishes, it still hits the spot and compensates for its size with flavour.

The coffee doesn’t fall short of the tasty food. Rich in flavour and expertly made, those who usually take sugar may find they don’t need to – especially when they feast their eyes on the treat selection that may complement their caffeine hit!

Piano Piano is a wonderful cafe and coffee stop. But don’t go expecting a table for a family of five at breakfast time; the seating simply can’t accommodate you.

The serving sizes may not be huge, but they still satisfy that hungry belly rumble, while the gourmet but unassuming flavours are bigger than the plate.

This comfy, corner café is ideal for breakfast or lunch out of popular dining times or for a light snack. Alternatively, you may enjoy the creamy coffee and pop in just for that.

Locals and regulars sit at the bench or get it to go.

As you leave, don’t forget to say thank-you for your short sojourn from the City hustle and bustle, with a friendly “ciao!” to see you on your way.

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